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10 Best SEO Link Building Strategy To Increase Website Ranking

Posted by on September 2, 2022 0

Whether you in tend to use your blog for marketing purposes  or personal use, what is the essence of writing and editing posts if you don’t have visitors to read them? The success of your website or blog depends on your link building strategy in SEO.

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According to a study carried out by Moz in 2019, 77% of people use Google three times per day. Imagine if those people can find your contents on the search engines when they use it.

To rank your blog on the search engines, it takes some link linking strategies in SEO for your contents to find in the search results.

Here are some link building strategies you can use to improve your blog’s authority and rank higher in search engines.

What Is Link Building In SEO?

Link building also known as backlink is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website or blog. Links tells search engines that the contents can be useful and trusted.

With the ever changing Google algorithms, no one really know how blogs rank on the search engine, but link building has proven to be an important factor in how your blog contents can rank higher in the search results.

Link building is one of the strategies used in search engine optimization (SEO) because as stated earlier, links are signal to Google that your blog is full of quality information worthy of citation. Therefore, websites or blogs with more quality backlinks tend to rank higher in the search results.

With that said, there are several ways to link building, if you care the about the longevity of your blog, you should only engage in quality and natural link building only, meaning, the process of earning backlinks from authoritative websites like Wikipedia or Search Engine Journal, just to mention few will have a greater impact on your blog rankings on the SERP rather than a link back from small or newly-built website.

As mentioned earlier, getting quality, natural and organic backlinks can be a difficult and time consuming process, also not all backlinks are the same, it can either be a dofollow backlink and a no-follow backlink. Read the differences here.

Remember, link building link building for SEO is imperative in achieving high organic search rankings.

Is Link Building Relevant To SEO?

Link building will always be relevant to SEO, it is more essential today than it was several ago. Link building is remains to be one of the chief ways search engines like Google use to determine a website or blog’s quality, and this can be achieve by having crafting contents people can learn from and then go on and make reference to on their own site.

Whether they share it on their site or via social media, writing quality is one of SEO strategies to use to get people to help organically distribute your content.

Why is Link Building Important?

Link building is very important to SEO strategy because it helps search engines to determine the value of webpage and how it should rank higher in the SERPs.

According to Google:

“In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use and share.”

This simply means that while working on backlinks, you focus should be on creating contents that people wants to share and link back to – not just link building for search engines.

Link building is one of the most important ranking factors for Google, alongside:

How To Do SEO Link Building

This article will teach you link building strategies for SEO to improve your rankings in the search results without violating Google guidelines.

  1. Ensure Your Blog Content Is Link-Worthy

This is the first and most important part of link building for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Every other tactics for linking building will probably rely on this one.

It is common for websites to link to another webpage that they believe it will be useful for their readers. This is why writing you should only write quality content on topics that will interest people.

While brainstorming blog topics, try to do keyword research to know what people are search for online. Check your competitors what is missing from their contents; consider what people want to read. Then as you are writing, be careful of the language and terms you use.

For example, try publishing listicles:

What is listicle? A listicle is a made-up word coined from a combination of the “list” and “article”. A listicle is an article made in a list-based format, usually with some kind of extra detail about each of the items listed.

According to a Semrush study, listicles posts get 2x traffic and 1.5 backlinks than any other blog posts.

I guess this is so because listicles make it easier for readers to consume more information by dividing it into small chunks of content.

For example, check out the listicles we made:

  1. Get Your Links Added in Resource Pages

This is perhaps one of the best SEO link building strategies in 2022. It is very easy to do.

Resource pages are pages that link useful and helpful pages on a particular topic. The aim of a resource page is to create the #1 go-to resource for information on a particular topic.

A resource page is also called a “pillar page” or “corner page”, it usually contains several helpful links to webpages that have quality contents regarding a particular topic, and a resource page is optimized for various keywords related keywords to the topic.

To add your link to a resources page, all you have to do is find to focus on finding resource pages relevant to your niche. You can achieve that by searching for the following terms on Google:

[Your keyword] “best blogs”

[Your keyword] “best sites”

[Your keyword] “useful links”

[Your keyword] “helpful resources”

[Your keyword] “other resources”

[Your keyword] “places to learn”

[Your keyword] “useful links”

[Your keyword] “intitle:links”

[Your keyword] “inurl:links”

[Your keyword] “other resources”

Let’s say for example you run a lifestyle or fitness blog; this is how you search for top research pages in lifestyle niche using Google.

Simply input “lifestyle inurl:links” into Google and press search. The search result should give you top resource pages.

Check out the resource pages one by one and analyze them to see if it is worth acquiring backlink from them.

However, one thing you should note is that, relevance is not the only metric to use while analyzing resource pages, you should look for the page authority and credibility of the website before contacting the page editors to request them to add your article to their page.

There are several paid and free tools you can use to check page authority, like, Semrush and Moz.

Some resource pages allow you to submit a link to an article on your site, they will review it, if they find it useful, and they will add the link to the page.

  1. Replicate Your Competitors’ SEO Backlinks

Discovering your websites that linking back to your competitors is a huge win. There are tools both free and paid that you can use to analyze your competitors’ websites to know where they are getting backlinks from. This process should be done manually if you ask me, why? Doing this manually will help you identify quality backlinks.

After you have identified where your competitors’ backlinks are coming from, pick the most powerful opportunities (websites with high authorities), and then reach out to websites to ask if they are willing to link to your site.

  1. Guest Posting Or Guest Blogging

This is the process of submitting a blog post to a well-established, high-authority website in your niche in an exchange for an opportunity to link back to your site.

Guest blogging is an excellent opportunity to reach your target audience in a wider range and increase your website traffic organically.

The three of rules to follow while doing guest posting:

  1. Broken Link Building

If you are too busy to write guest posts, you use the broken link strategy. According to research made by Semrush, 42.5 of the websites on the internet have broken links.

How does broken link building strategy work?

This method is very easy to use:

  1. Comment on Relevant Blogs

I know you must be wondering why comments? Commenting on relevant posts is another effective link building strategy you can employ.

Find websites that have posts that are relevant to your site. Tactically include your site link when commenting.

The comments should not look like spam. Remember you are trying to build good relationships with the author of the article.

How do you do that?

Apart from link building, making meaningful comments on blogs is an effective way to promote and increase your website traffic.

  1. Stay Active On Social Media

Yes, social media is one of the best link building strategy to use in 2022. Staying active on social media can help your website visibility and increasing your traffic while ultimately getting your site more backlinks.

Being active on social media does not necessarily mean you should share your contents only, but interacting with people who engage with your posts. Reply to their comments and answer their questions, also encourage them to share and tag other people.

Engaging with your target audience and involving yourself in their conversations will earn you their trust and respect, and while doing that they will pay you back by sharing your links on their own social media profiles and sites, effectively helping you with your link building.

  1. Take Advantage Of Q&A Platforms

Join Q&A platforms like Reddit and Quora can help you with your link building strategy. They can also help you get more organic traffic to your site.

Engage with relevant community members and provide valuable answers to their questions, be sure to include a link to your site but not just any link but a link to a content that answers the user’s question.

This way you can get more quality and healthy backlinks to your website.

  1. Use Web 2.0 Strategy

You must be wondering what is web 2.0?

Web 2.0 link building strategy is process where you sign up for other self-publishing platforms or user-generated sites like forums to build backlinks for the SEO purposes for your site.

Best web 2.0 platforms to use:

  1. Try outreach

This is one of the best SEO link building strategies I will recommend for you to use, and you should definitely use it. Almost every other good link building strategy revolves around this tactic.

What is outreach?

This is the process where you reach out to people in your industry or niche and introduce them to your content. One thing to know about outreach is that you don’t necessarily need to have any “content” at all. But you must have something that is link-worthy; it might be a product, service, brand, business or startups.

Who should you reach out to?



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