Responsinator Review: Get Full Information On How Your Visitors See Your Website


You might have always wondered how your visitors see your website in the three basic views which are;

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Tablet

This could be a very good way to create a website with the better user experience for your visitors and equally to know if your website loading for every display is perfect and in a good shape.

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You might have experienced that your website may load very well when you view it on your own but might not be the same when everyone else views it in their own.


In today’s write-up, we will be writing a full review of the Responsinator and to elaborate the features it serves to website owners as it concerns creating a better user experience for your visitors.


What is the Responsinator

The Responsinator is a website which is built for other websites for a detailed collection of analyzed data which concerns the overall display quality of your website.

The responsinator offers three basic website views to website owners which are;

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  • Mobile view
  • Desktop view
  • Tablet view

As these are the three browsing platforms and view which website visitors and users do view websites as.

Notwithstanding sharing the Responsinator review with you, I would also like to point out the bad fate I suffered from the website when I wrote the first review about them.

Here is one thing you must put to check while using the Responsinator website or writing a review about them.

My own responsinator experience

It has been up to a year I wrote the last review of Responsinator on my website and the post was deleted by me as a result of the behavior my visitors exerted on the article and the Responsinator link embedded in the review.

After publishing my review on Responsinator, my website visitors started to react to the said post and equally started to use my website as the test website just to see how the Responsinator works.

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While this happened, I served Google Adsense ads on my website and this happening got my Google Adsense account disabled.

During the while this happened, the visitors who used my website as the test website started clicking the Adsense ads on my website as though they did not understand what dangers it could pose to my website.

For the first three days that this happened, I received a boost in my Adsense clicks and the outbound links embedded on the Responsinator article received above 40 clicks and tests through the same link.

Then when I understood that something was really wrong was when was added to my website referring traffic link apart from search engine links (Google search engine).

Two days later, my Google Adsense account got banned as a result of self-clicking on my own Adsense ads.

Note: I equally saw a boost in my Adsense earnings as the day went by before the ban happened.

Pros or responsinator

  • Can give you a full overview of your website display to your visitors
  • You can ascertain if your website mobile view is okay from here
  • You can deduce the necessary changes you should make to affect your website user experience

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Cons of responsinator

  • You can get your Adsense banned from the visitors
  • It is a Google hating outbound link
  • Finally, it can increase your non-interested visitors as your website will be used to evaluate it or test it

My verdict

Natural it is a fact about Nigerian visitors to behave in a very unlikely manner when they visit a website.

I suppose the people who used the link on my website have their own respective websites but they choose to use mine to experiment and also they started clicking on my Adsense ads.

Consequently, I got banned.

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Writing a review of Responsinator on your website you’re serving Google Adsense ad it can be quite a risk as what happened to me might as well happen to you and I suppose you wouldn’t like the news.

In any case, you decided to write on Responsinator on your website, do so without embedded links but make the URL bold.

Wrapping up

Responsinator is a good tool to analyze your website truth be told but you can stand for certain uncertainties while using the Responsinator website.

So it is best advised that you stick to what you know best and avoid not include certain outbound links in your articles.

Hope this article was helpful?

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