How to Verify Adsense Account in Nigeria; Solution to UK Adsense Verification

How to Verify Adsense Account in Nigeria.

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I once wrote about how to verify UK Adsense using the services of Shoptomydoor but this service is not working any longer due to privacy issues from Adsense.

First off; let me say I am obliged that we can now serve you with UK Google Adsense verification. Not minding that the price for that have actually increased.

Its business and we got to stay on top of our food chain as good entrepreneurs.

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In the past few months we stopped the services we do render before when it comes to How to Verify Adsense Account in Nigeria although it was a sponsored service just as soon as we got to know that people who tried to verify their UK Adsense accounts with us eventually got banned from the Google Adsense program and this was not our fault.

According to Google Adsense, the verification of Adsense accounts using commercial mail addresses have proven to be a very very unacceptable doing which is mostly performed by Nigerians and of course many other people and we quite gave the update here in our website.

This actually made our UK Google Adsense verification service go down the drain as we did not want to hurt much more users.

Note this: If you use any mailing address that has been used by some person to collect their Adsense pin sometime ago, you will get banned from the Google Adsense program upon inserting the same address in your own Google Adsense account.

The above is applicable to Nigeria, UK, USA, China, Germany and an kind of Adsense account you can think of.

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This is why we have spent a whole lot of time trying to find out how else you can verify UK Adsense without complications and this is where we got to.

Please note: We will not be sharing the link to where we get our addresses from but trust us, they are legit. If you needed the link, you can pay $15 to know or you can pay me $20 to get your Adsense verified in one week. Email me @[email protected].

So how the heck do I get to sole the issue of How to Verify Adsense Account in Nigeria?

  • Why do most people prefer UK Google Adsense account?

This is simple to answer;

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We all know that the UK Google Adsense account finds its way to high CPC in almost every website niche and also performs well than other countries Adsense accounts.

Best of all is the withdrawal threshold and method which is quite easier and lower than any other country Adsense account and this have given it a very high edge over the other countries Adsense accounts.

So this is why most people do go for the UK Google Adsense account instead of the USA, Nigeria and others.

How disappointing it will look when you can no longer verify your UK Adsense with the services of commercial Google Adsense verification workers.

Note: I am strictly asking you not to verify your UK Google Adsense account with these online commercial Adsense pin verifiers because they will convince you to pay and use an already used address to verify your account and you will sure get banned. Using my services, I will show you where the address was generated from to avoid any doubts.

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I refer to what Kennedy Prosper of wrote on why he got his Adsense banned as a result of using an already used address.

  • Should I trust commercial UK Adsense verifiers no more?

Well, I trust the answer to this question is no.

But in any case you are up for stories that will touch the heart, then  I suggest you use their services and see what the heck becomes the result.

  • What to do about How to Verify Adsense Account in Nigeria?

Do not use the services of people anymore unless they are legit and genuine just like mine is.

Make use of mailing websites and get your Adsense pin scanned and delivered to your in-box via email.

But here you have to trust me, I took over seven months to find what services I am using online and this is why I charge well to teach or verify your UK Adsense for you.

But if you have that long time to spend looking for the services I use, then you’re welcome to take a hike.

I advice you contact me for this via email @[email protected].

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Someone might be asking how this new process work. So I am going to do a perfect rundown on it now as I explain it to the fullest.

  • First

Payment first.

You have to contact me on [email protected] and pay a little sum of $15 if you needed me to teach you the nuts in UK Adsense verification in Nigeria or you can pay $20 and just get your pin in one week (7 Days).

Please there should be no negotiations about this price.

I think you should go for the teaching side so you can learn to walk other people through and probably make money doing it.

  • Second

If you wanted me to teach you, you will give me just five hours to walk you through but if you needed the pin verification, then you will need to wait for one week as stated above.

  • Third
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If you needed the pin, you will need to send me your email address so that I can forward the scanned pin to you upon receiving it.

This will carry every detail you will be needing as to prove that the pin generated and sent is actually yours.

These are the only three steps you will be needing.

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Now there is another option I would like to discuss aside paying me or learning how to do so from me.

  • Verifying your pin through a relation or friend who lives in the UK

Well, as much as this might sound to be a good idea, what if it isn’t?

Have you ever considered a situation that your friend or relation have used the same address for such action before and forgot to tell you when you asked?

You could loose your Adsense account and also loose your money in it.

unless you might want to gamble with it.

  • Wrapping up on How to Verify Adsense Account in Nigeria

I know the price for this is costly but a friend once told me that it is better for a commodity to be costly and serve its purpose than be cheap and be as good as poison.

There may be many cheap services out there from other people but I trust you will be making the right choice if you proceeded with our own service and what it gives.

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You can now easily verify your UK Adsense and bank your monthly earnings.

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