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15 Best Virtual Dollar Cards In Nigeria (2022 Updated)

Posted by on August 31, 2022 0

You are probably here because you want to know the best virtual Dollar card in Nigeria, how to get the cheapest virtual cards in Nigeria and everything other thing you need to know about virtual cards.

As a Nigerian, making payments with our debit or credit cards is one thing we do almost every day because it is easy and convenient. But you realize your cards are being rejected by some websites like Apple Music, Spotify, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Alibaba, Facebook and many other foreign website.

Why is that so? It’s important to know that Nigerian banks on the directives on Central Bank of Nigeria have set a daily limit of $20 and a monthly $100 on foreign and international transactions.

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Before now, the best of option is to go to your bank and open a Dollar account with a debit card you can use for foreign transactions but with the introduction of virtual Dollar cards, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home before you can get one.

With the rising demands for virtual Dollar cards every day, several digital banking and fintech platforms are providing virtual Dollar card in Nigeria within their apps, meaning that you don’t have to wait longer than usual before you can acquire a virtual card that meets your business and personal needs.

In this article, we will discuss everything you should know about virtual cards, what is it, how it works, benefits, how and where you can get the best virtual card in Nigeria. Before we proceed, I advise you to pay full attention to every bit of this article as we go into details.

What is virtual card and how does it work?

Unlike the physical cards issued by the banks, virtual cards as the name suggests, is not physical card that you can hold in your hand. Instead it is a set of sixteen digits with CVV that are similar to credit card and it is generated using software. Virtual cards can be either be debit or credit cards depending on the one you want. Virtual cards can only be used for online payments.

How To Get Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria

Now, let’s get back to the main topic which is how to get virtual Dollar card in Nigeria. I will begin with the online banks with virtual cards in Nigeria.

In no particular order, the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria are:

  1. GoMoney Virtual Dollar Card:

Gomoney is one the few digital banks that provides virtual Dollar card in Nigeria. With Gomoney payments are made easier for business owners and people who want to make purchases on foreign websites.

You can send and receive money with your Gomoney account in Nigeria. With your Gomoney virtual card, you can use it to verify your Paypal account as well funding it and make payments in USD, it also allows you to make local payments here in Nigeria.

Getting a Gomoney virtual card is very easy, download the Gomoney app for device app store, open an account with them and upgrade your to tier 2 to get a virtual card. Gomoney virtual card is one of the cheapest virtual cards in Nigeria.

How to get Gomoney Virtual Dollar Card

Follow the steps below to open a Gomoney virtual card.

  1. Barter By Flutterwave:

Barter app is inarguably one of the cheapest visual dollar cards in Nigeria, owned by Flutterwave, it allows users to carry out diverse transactions, including sending and receiving money from abroad to Nigeria.

You can use Barter virtual card to make payments from anywhere in the world as it is dollar-denominated card.

You can be sure of using the Barter virtual card to purchase digital products from anywhere in the world as it is a dollar-denominated card.

How To Get Barter Virtual Dollar Card

Barter Virtual Dollar Card allows you to make online payments on most websites but you cannot use it for cryptocurrency purchases, online trading, betting websites, or money transfer services.

You must have at least $5 in your Barter account to create a virtual card; each card costs $2, with monthly fee of $1. You can load your Barter account with up to $10,000.

  1. Mintyn Virtual Dollar Card

Mintyn is a Nigerian digital banking platform that offers many different banking services, including saving accounts, business bank accounts, corporate accounts and they also give out instant loans and mutual funds. A tier 3 holder can create unlimited virtual dollar card that can be activated for immediate use.

How To Mintyn Virtual Dollar Card

  1. Roqqu Virtual Dollar Card

Talking about reliable platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in Nigeria, Roqqu have proved itself to be one of the top-rated cryptocurrencies platforms in the country. You can use the Roqqu app to send and receive money instantly without being charged. Roqqu allows you to buy, hold and trade cryptocurrencies for as low as ₦500.

Roqqu recently launched their virtual dollar cards to ease Nigerians of the limitations while making online purchases.

How To Get Roqqu Virtual Dollar Card

  1. Wallet Africa Virtual Dollar Card

Wallet Africa is a Nigerian digital wallet that offers both virtual and physical naira and dollar Visa cards issued by UBA, which has no limitations in making transactions in dollars.

Wallet Africa virtual dollar card comes with a monthly fee of $1 and a $0.75 on every foreign transaction you make. Your card will also be charged a 2% fee to load it from an external account.

How To Wallet Africa Virtual Dollar Card

  1. ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

Launched by Wema bank in 2017, ALAT is the first fully digital bank in Nigeria. It offers all commercial banking services, from including savings and business, physical debit cards, corporate accounts, loans, and yes, ALAT provides one of the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria.

How To Get ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

  1. Fundall Virtual Dollar Card

Fundall is digital banking platform in Nigeria that offers all types of financial services to private and business customers. Fundall recently launched a virtual dollar card which you can obtain for free without getting charged for creating a new card.

You must however load your card with at least $5 for you to be able to use it.

Cheapest virtual dollar cards in Nigeria

How To Get Fundall Virtual Dollar Card

You can use your Fundall virtual dollar card any legit online transactions.

  1. Eversend virtual dollar card

Eversend is an Uganda-based startup that offers array of financial services. Eversend as an online banking platform allows you to manage a multi-currency account in several African countries, including Nigeria.

You can send and receive money instantly within any supported countries like Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Everson allows you to create a payment links where you can easily get paid for services you provide or products.

Eversend issue dollar debit card which can used to make payments on any foreign websites without having to worry about transactions limits.

The impressive part of Eversend is that it allows their card holders to control their cards by allowing them to freeze and unfreeze the card to prevent online theft and hackers.

How To Get Eversend Virtual Dollar Card

  1. Bitsika Virtual Visa Dollar Card

Bitsika is an app that is available in Nigeria. It can easily be used for sending and receiving money between Ghana, Nigeria and French-speaking countries.

Users can receive and transfer funds from their wallet to another Bitsika wallets. You can deposit and cash out your money using debit card or bank transfer.

Bitsika also offers virtual Visa card which Dollar-denominated, it can be used to make online payments.

How To Get a Bitsika virtual visa card

  1. Chipper Cash Virtual Dollar Card

Chipper Cash is one of the best apps with virtual cards in Nigeria. It allows you to send, request and receive money from anywhere within and outside the country.

Chipper Cash recently launched its virtual dollar card to ease Nigerians of the limitations placed on naira-denominated cards by traditional banks during online purchases.

How To Get Chipper Cash Virtual Dollar Card

  1. Eyowo Virtual Dollar Card

When we about reliable financial tech companies in Nigeria, Eyowo is one of the names among the top-rated platforms in country.

With Eyowo, you can send, receive funds, pay bills and shop online with just your phone number. Eyowo is one the online banks with virtual dollar cards in Nigeria.

How to get Eyowo virtual dollar card

Apps with virtual dollar cards in Nigeria

  1. RavenBank Virtual Dollar Card

Fully launched in 2022, RavenBank is a digital bank in Nigeria that offers all sort of financial services using their phon number.

With RavenBank, you can send and receive money from anywhere within and outside the country. They provide virtual dollar cards for the convenience of Nigerians making local and international transactions.

How To Get RavenBank Virtual Dollar Card

  1. Flip by FluidCoins

Fluidcoins is a crypto-trading platform that allows you to send and receive money from anywhere in the world by using just your Flip Tag or the Flip App.

You can make online payments and and save money using the Fluidcoins app, this is achieved by saving in Stablecoins (USDT crypto).

Fluidcoins is one the apps with virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, but unlike the popular ones like Flutterwave and Eversend, the Flip virtual Dollar Card has a daily limit of $1,500 per transaction.

How To Get Flip Virtual Dollar Card

  1. Spectrocard Dollar Card

SpectroCard is another platfom that provides virtual dollar cards in Nigeria.

How To Get SpectroCard Virtual Dollar Card

  1. FXKudi Virtual Dollar Card

The Ghanaian based app allows you to send and receive money from Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, and across Africa instantly.

On the FXKudi platform, you can create a virtual dollar card to be used for local and international payments with limitations.

How To Get FXKudi Virtual Dollar Card


Making payments online or shopping online can be frustrating knowing there is a limit placed on the debit or credit card you are using. Getting a virtual dollar card eliminate the limit of $100 per month limitations placed on naira cards.

With that said, did you use any of these services we mentioned above recently? Kindly share with us your experience using the comment box below, thank you.


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