How to Verify UK Adsense in Nigeria 5 Days Using Shoptomydoor ($10 Fee)

How to Verify UK Adsense in Nigeria.

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Are you a blogger, living in Nigeria? You know its quite difficult getting approved for Nigerian Adsense for bloggers in Nigeria here and for reasons best known to Google Adsense team.

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Just a quick note: Shoptomydoor has stopped accepting Google Adsense verification, click here to read the full review.

This is the exact reason why some if not several Nigerian based bloggers have taken their time to make a very useful turn in what kind of Adsense to monetize their website with.

Many Nigerian bloggers, these days use UK and USA Adsense for their website monetization as a result of its easy approval rate and equally, cheap price when it comes to buying from an already approved person.

In our previous article, we wrote about why you should choose UK Adsense over Nigerian and USA Adsense and today, we will be writing on the easy steps to verify your UK and USA Adsense using shoptomydoor for a little token ($10).

Have it in mind that if you contacted people whose job is to verify Adsense, they will charge you #6,000 for UK Adsense verification and #10,000 for USA Adsense verification (As this has to deal with the pin and tax verification).

So I suppose you would consider rendering a self-service to yourself for ($10) #3,600 isn’t it a good idea?

Brief introduction of Shoptomydoor

Shoptomydoor you know is an online delivery service in Nigeria here. They deliver several goods and items bought overseas and ship them to Nigeria here in a few days and they have been reliable for a couple of years they have been in service.

Note: Shoptomydoor officially started verifying USA Google Adsense accounts, Click here to read more.

Shoptomydoor offers a USA, UK, and Chinese address for shipping since these are the three basic places people choose to shop and ship from around the world.

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Here, at shoptomydoor, you can receive your items in two ways:

  • . Either as a delivery in your location
  • . As an email to your email address

Either way, their services are still outstanding and perfect and here @, we highly recommend their use for your online shipping of goods and services.

Since we are here for the obvious, let’s quickly move to the detailed steps on How to Verify UK Adsense in Nigeria using shoptomydoor services.

Setting up shoptomydoor account

. Go to and signup for an account using your email address and using a password a bit complicated that you can always recall.

. Fill out other necessary and required pieces of information like age, country, state and zip code alongside your mobile number for phone verification.

. Verify your phone number with the digits you’ll receive from a no-reply source.

. Log in to your account and see your dashboard starring at you.

. Link your debit card with the account for payment of shipped items.

. Go to my warehouse and you’ll see the different addresses provided for your UK, USA and Chinese warehouse.

. Copy the details of the UK or USA warehouse and then go to your Adsense account.

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Still on How to Verify UK Adsense in Nigeria…

In your Adsense account

. Go to payments

. Go to change details

. Change the address. While changing the address, put your shoptomydoor details as it appeared alongside your zip code, street address, city, and your name.

Note: Shoptomydoor officially started verifying USA Google Adsense accounts, Click here to read more.

. Click on save.

. If you have never gotten to the pin verification threshold:

  • . $10 for USA Adsense
  • . ‚ā¨8 for UK Adsense

Then the pin will be sent upon reaching the verification threshold.

. If by chance your pin has been generated and sent before, then wait for two-three weeks, once the generate new pin notification is popped up, then generate new pin but change the address first and edit it to your shoptomydoor address, save the address generate new pin and send it to your address.

Still on How to Verify UK Adsense in Nigeria…

Back to your shoptomydoor dashboard

. Tell shoptomydoor about your new incoming shipments. To do this, go to your shoptomydoor dashboard and click “tell us about an incoming shipment”, fill in the required field and finally click on create a new shipment.

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. Once the new pin is generated, you will receive the notification via the email used for signing up for your shoptomydoor account that a new item arrived in your warehouse.

. Go to your shoptomydoor account through the email sent to you and click on deliver your item either by email or by home delivery.

. Email delivery is best chosen as it is not a bulky item.

. A $10 payment is initiated on delivery through your credit card linked to the account.

. In less than five days your Adsense verification pin will arrive in your email and you’ll verify your account for no high cost and at your own service.

You might equally decide to start a helping hand using this method for other people and verifying their Adsense pin or better still you could see it as a business opportunity.

Either way, it is a good thing you know how to do certain kinds of stuff yourself.

Wrap up

Here @, we do not charge our visitors an extra money to teach knowledge. We do tell you everything you need to know without asking you for payments.

This is an in-depth research to help several bloggers perform their own functions themselves and at a lower cost.

Note: Shoptomydoor officially started verifying USA Google Adsense accounts, Click here to read more.

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  1. jixy says

    shoptodoor still receive pin

    1. Blograbbit says

      They are no longer open for services as a result of Google terms of service.

      You could read up the reason why they stopped serving people for Adsense pin verification in details here

      We published this article as soon as we found out this.

      You can contact our email: [email protected] to get a direct service with Adsense verification for UK adsense only.

      Thanks for contacting us, we really appreciate.

  2. Hunter says u help verify adsense

    1. Blograbbit says

      Actually that is what the heck we do here

      What kind of Adsense do you have let us get started on how to verify it?

      And also we do sell Adsense of any country just in any case you needed that too.

      Thanks for dropping by we appreciate.

  3. Izzy Deraah says

    I need a sure address to verify my UK AdSense Account

    1. Blograbbit says

      Contact me through [email protected] or chat me or whatsapp on 08080949166 lets get your Adsense verified.

      Just $15 and you get your pin in one week.

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