Other Ways To Earn With Entertainment Niche Blogs Other Than Google Adsense (A Solution to Low Adsense CPC of Entertainment Niche Websites).

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It is my interest to tell everyone reading this article that entertainment websites are strictly adapted to low CPC. When I said low CPC I mean a CPC of about 0.02 to 0.06 at most for Nigerian bloggers with basically Nigerian visitors visiting your website.

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It doesn’t make any sense trying to hide your website CPC from certain people because it is a surface fact that entertainment and news websites have basically very low CPC also same applied to dating, and gaming websites.

In my previous article, I wrote about the fastest and easiest get rich quick programme for bloggers where I dominated google Adsense and stated vividly why I choose them as the best.

In the said article, I never lost words with CPC and its importance in websites survival and revenue.

I know you must be wondering why you are not making enough from your entertainment website upon your web traffic level, well yes you can never make as much as you wished using entertainment blogs.

Considering the levels of traffic issues websites have these days, earning a good revenue from running google Adsense on your website becomes a problem to bloggers who are in the entertainment niche.

Never to worry about your websites low CPC, we have got a way out for you bloggers as a result it will be very difficult for you to make a good revenue from the low CPC website.

Let’s take an example here;

If you happen to have 1000 visitors a day with 70 or 100 ads clicks with your CPC as $0.03, you’ll end up making only $1.00 and nothing more with google Adsense withdrawal threshold as $100 you will have to wait for three months and a half to withdraw your Adsense earnings.

That’s not a revenue to hold onto to be precise.

Having explained this, I presume it will interest you to know thaty you can still scale through this issue by uising several other ways. We do not wish to bring in a new idea altogether because we know thaty several of you readers already knew these ways.

We are stressing on them to explain better and why they must be used.

But before we proceed, I would love to give you a credit; entertainment bloggers are not finding it too difficult driving web traffic from search engines and social media platforms.

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Basically, entertainment niche blogs are ranking best in traffic and they have the highest traffic statistics taking Nigerian bloggers as an example with the specific term as the authority domain Naij.com.

Let us proceed to other ways to earn money in entertainment websites apart from google Adsense.

  1. Direct advertising

If you have a product of yourself to sell to people online or a companys product to sell, you could do so through your website and earn good revenue. I spoke about a companys product and this is strictly considering your traffic level.

There are mini companies that accept displaying their ads on websites to earn them 1000 impressions daily on the said ad displayed and several others offer even less.

Through this, you can generate a static revenue for your website and also run Adsense for conformity.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Since it is a fact that affiliate marketing cannot be a possibility without traffic,  when I say traffic I mean huge traffic.

It is now best advised that entertainment website owners should strive to find, signup and implement the ads codes of affiliates relating to their website niche like dating affiliate, jumia affiliate, konga affiliate and other business affiliates.

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These affiliates listed above brushes up earnings in entertainment niches.

  1. Consulting

You can run a consulting strategy with your website as an entertainment website. You can consult for people on special services which you know you’re perfect in the offering, say entertainment writing, running adverts for other websites for traffic (banner adverts).

Wrap up

Using these monetization tools as an alternative to google Adsense on your entertainment website coupled with google Adsense to fetch you a reliable income can be a very wise decision considering the low CPC of entertainment websites.

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Also, note that it is a natural circumstance that entertainment websites have low Adsense CPC because ads served on such website niches are of low quality as same as adverts served on dating websites and gaming websites.

Alternatively, ads served on technology and webmaster websites alongside education, finance, business and medical niches are of high quality.

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