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How To Write An Effective Appeal For A Banned Google Adsense Account And Get It Back Active

When a Google Adsense account gets banned, it might be due to some specific reasons which are not always the fault of the owners of the Adsense accounts as they are sometimes newbie bloggers who tend to click on their own ads so as to generate revenue from it by themselves.

Most of the time, when Adsense accounts are disabled, the reasons are attributed to invalid click activity and software generated traffic. Some other times it may be due to repetitive clicking on one’s ads by oneself.

The invalid click activity we mean is the click that occurs when a single user clicks on Adsense ads repeatedly without genuine interest and this will bring a click fraud to the advertiser serving you ads at the moment.

Google seriously frowns at such invalid activity and hence place a ban on any Adsense that performs such action on itself. We have had several issues of Adsense ban and appeals and requests on how to effectively fill an appeal form to get it reinstated especially when the Adsense account contains some revenue inside it.

Ban being placed on Adsense accounts are truthfully not always reopened even after successfully filling their reopening form but we have had two occasions where an Adsense account that was banned gets reopened after our supervised filling of Adsense ban lift form. Below serves the parts of the form filling which you must and must take seriously:

What possibly lead to the invalid click activity

You will be asked what do you think possibly lead to the repetitive ads click on your website.

You should fill this area with UNINTERESTED USERS but do not try to specify so as not to give a reason that you actually knew what went wrong actually. You can also state that your traffic was bot traffic from untrusted sources and you apologise strictly for it as it wouldn’t occur again if the Adsense account gets reinstated.

Your G-mail address:

Here you have to note that you must supply the same G-mail as your Adsense account because many times, Adsense owners use gmails which are different from their websites G-mail address.

The majority of the reason why a blocked Adsense account never gets reopened is that of wrong input of G-mail which will be taken as a fraudulent act on top of before committed one.

These steps could be followed and your Adsense account could be reinstated as before. You might have to lose a little revenue as per the payments made by the advertisers whose live ads were clicked that brought the invalid clicks on your site.

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